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    The most varied offer for indoor, stage and proximity show; all the effects you need to make your event creative, excellent and amazing; We have an inventory to choose the best:



    A pyrotechnic source that produces a controlled spray of sparks. Fast Volcano: Volcano with a duration of ¼ sec to 3 sec. Duration Volcano: Volcano with a duration greater than 3 seconds and up to 20 seconds.



    A pyrotechnic source that produces a cascade of sparks normally exposed in a line that mimics a waterfall. Waterfalls generally hang from the upper stage structure.

    Rueda Giratoria

    Swivel wheels

    Un dispositivo que produce ducha giratoria de chispas girando alrededor de un eje fijo. El dispositivo a menudo consta de 2 dispositivos del tipo «volcán» que van hacia el final, los volcanes pueden tener llamas de colores en las puntas que crean una banda de color dentro de la pulverización de chispas. La duración del efecto suele ser de entre 15 y 30 segundos.



    A device that contains multiple stars of pyrotechnic composition that are self-consumed. The stars are thrown into the air through a lifting load, producing various colors, brightness and sound effects in an inverted cone pattern.



    A device that contains a single star of self-consumable pyrotechnic composition. The Comet is launched into the air through a lifting load that produces various colors, brightness effects and sounds.

    Explosiones Aereas

    Air blast

    A pyrotechnic device designed to mimic an aerial firework projectile. The effect is a very rapid burst of sparks that tend to burn before reaching the ground. They also create a popping sound that varies in loudness.


    Cannon simulators

    Pyrotechnic composition that when ignited produces a great sound effect of quite intensity. This article does not produce any visual effect.

    tubos de mina

    Mine pipes

    A device containing pyrotechnic composition that, when turned on, produces a fan pattern flash. The effect produced is wide on the axis from side to side, and is very narrow and controlled on the front and back axes. The duration of the effect is short and usually does not exceed 1.5 seconds and in width not more than 20 feet

    Flame Projector, Flame Column, Fireball

    This pyrotechnic device often uses a smoke-free powder-based composition and produces an ascending column or a rolling fireball in various colors.


    The device produces a bright flame in various colors and durations. Usually, the duration of the effect is usually several seconds to 60 seconds or more.

    Line Rocket

    A line rocket is a tube device designed to produce thrust. The line rocket quickly travels the length of the cable, producing in turn effects of sparks and in some cases sound effects simultaneously. The duration of the effect varies, but generally it does not exceed 5 seconds.

    Deadly explosion

    This device produces a bright flash, lots of smoke and often a rolling fireball. The device is sometimes designed to produce noise interference with the visual effect. The duration of the effect is intended to be very short, generally less than 1 second.

    Spark Canyon

    A pyrotechnic device that combines the effect of a rapid volcano with a very prominent sound effect.

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