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We have a wide variety of fires
Fireworks, proximity fires, fireworks and special effects.

Fireworks show

Fireworks show in outdoor spaces such as; Weddings, Concerts, Sports Events, Conventions and any type of celebration!

Pyrotechnics for Scenarios

The most varied offer to highlight your event whether concert, theater, talent show, weddings, sporting events, festivals, and any type of celebration!

SPFX Special Effects

We have high quality equipment to create atmospheric moments of fire, cryogenic, fog effect, confetti, bubbles, snow within your events!

Flamed logos and letters

We can capture the logo and / or letters to flame for an estimated time of 1 minute to achieve a better marking in your event.

Birthday Candles and Chicken Legs

Candles for celebrations and chicken feet for weddings and / or birthdays


We have colored grenades with the highest quality and safety in the market! Large amount of smoke and an approximate duration of 90 seconds.

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