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    Spear Flames Liquid

    A fluid-driven flame lance system, with moving head technology, in a compact device. Equipped with a motorized and rotating head, it allows explosions of very fast and precise flames up to 10 meters high. All in a radius of 210 degrees on its horizontal axis with 15 possible launch angles.

    Throw Gas Flames

    It is a new type of flame lance, which is extremely versatile in special effects applications for interiors, exteriors and is equipped with numerous features and size of flame effect. Compared to other products on the market, our devices reach much higher flame heights and a much more complete and, therefore, more beautiful flame pattern with a low noise level ideal for stage / TV.

    jets criogenicos 3

    Cryogenic Jets

    It is an atmospheric effect that uses Co2 gas, creating a dense burst of white cloud that resembles fog up to 40 feet high. Its small size and mounting capacity allow it to be mounted in a wide variety of applications.

    Smoke jets

    The smoke jets are the answer to the demand for a safe and high quality imitation effect of the Cryogenic Jets. This compact device has enough power to mimic the powerful force of the effects of Cryogenic Jets. This equipment is intended to be used indoors and where the supply of Co2 may be an obstacle.

    Low Smoke / Fog Effect

    The system produces an incredible low fog effect. The system uses a smoke machine and a special cryogenic unit. This system produces a constant large amount of fog at the press of a button. These machines set the standard for the industry.

    Confetti & Confetti machines

    These machines are made up of a powerful bugle-type cannon that uses Co2 as an extractor source and can drive up to 60 pounds of confetti per minute and can throw confetti up to 100 feet tall through theater stages, concerts, sports stadiums or audiences, indoors or outdoors, covering large areas in just a few seconds. The confettis are in a variety of colors both in metallic paper and in plain paper. Because of their shape, the confettis fall slowly, spinning and spinning again and again as they move toward the ground.

    Serpentine & Serpentine Machines

    It is a large-scale transmission system capable of launching products at high speed to the sky. Spectacular effects are achieved on a scale the size of a stadium. The available range of removable mortar tubes allows easy loading and recharging. The compressed air cannon is very powerful and can fire confetti or streamers in a massive outlet in one shot. The streamers come in various colors and types just like the confetti.


    Snow machines

    This machine is capable of producing a light and fluffy snowfall for a raging snowstorm. It is an extraordinarily silent snow machine. The ability to achieve from light snow to aggressive snow is thanks to the fluid, carefully formulated and safe for the environment.

    Bubble Machines

    It is a professional and durable machine that is capable of introducing huge amounts of bubbles into the atmosphere. It is built with high-tech, molded plastic that prevents corrosion. It is equipped with high-power fans that offer a variable speed control that allows greater flexibility in bubble projection.


    Nitrogen Jets

    Complete high-performance nitrogen propulsion systems creating a dense layer of white smoke that vanishes almost immediately. Ideal places to use this kind of effects theme parks, night clubs, cruises, theaters, concerts, festivals, special movie effects.


    Sparkulars Pyrotechnics Machines

    The Sparkular system produces a fantastic non-dangerous effect that looks exactly like traditional pyrotechnics. The effect is created simply using a Sparkular machine and granulated alloys, eliminating the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques. The duration, height and density of the effect can be varied, sequences of 'dancing' sparks created to entertain the public can be achieved. These devices do not produce any type of smell and produce a minimum amount of smoke.

    Pistolas Criogenicas

    Cryogenic Guns

    Cryogenic guns are handheld items that can trigger a blast of white mist as your user pulls the trigger. This effect can be used to refresh your guests or to create stunning visual effects. The cryogenic gun is versatile and it can become fully mobile when a Co2 tank is mounted in a backpack. The unit then becomes a cryogenic gun with the operator aiming and spraying Co2 jets through its manual trigger. It is widely used with artists, DJs, weddings, parties or events.

    Lanzador T-shirt

    T-shirt launchers

    Our most used hand launcher for sporting events and promotional activities. With just under 7 pounds, you can shoot T-shirts and other items similar to variable ranges up to 200 feet away.

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